Troublesome trees can be traded

With the safety of its members in mind, Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative established a program that helps members remove trees from areas where they could pose a threat to overhead electric power lines. The Trade-A-Tree program allows co-op members to replace troublesome trees with an ornamental tree located a safe distance from the lines.


During stormy weather, trees can cause interruptions in electric service when they are blown into power lines or when they sag into lines under the weight of snow and ice. The cooperative will remove a tree from under the primary service line and provide a voucher for a new tree for the property owner.


By clearing the right-of-way, we also clear the way for our linemen when they have to make repairs. It also makes the area safer for them and our members.


The Cooperative conducts the Trade-A-Tree program year round. For more information, please call a member service representative at 1-800-256-6405.

tree to be planted


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