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Strength through diversity.


Forward-thinking leadership conceived the idea of a subsidiary branch for our cooperative in 1988.  Northeast Rural Services (NRS) immediately began reinforcing its parent company by investing in enterprises geared toward increasing capital for the cooperative. 


Today, NRS operates both a full-service right-of-way division, as well as a fiber optic, technology, and communications division (BOLT) that provides information solutions for a wide variety of applications.





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Since 1996, Northeast Rural Services Right-of-Way (NRS) has been providing customized vegetation management services to electric cooperatives, pipeline and private commercial customers utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified supervisors and personnel.


NRS is widely known for its dedication in meeting the unique needs of its customers.  NRS takes great pride in exceeding customer expectations and developing absolute confidence in its ability to provide excellent quality of work and service. 


Contract services offered by the NRS ROW division include herbicide application, mechanical trimming and mowing, bucket truck service, storm and disaster services, and sales and consulting.


NRS addresses specific needs of customers in its well-established herbicide application program.  Using an individualized approach, NRS provides customers with unmatched service and quality of work on a wide variety of vegetation management projects.  Customers can be assured that they will be provided the best resources in the industry when it comes to our licensed applicators and our unwavering attention to what is important to each customer.


Northeast Rural Services performs customized mechanical tree trimming and mowing for a wide variety of customers across the Midwest.  Efficiency, attention to detail, and excellent quality of work and value are what NRS crews will deliver on every vegetation trimming and mowing project. 


For most right of way clearing projects, Kershaw Sky Trim and Timberland Tree Trimmers are excellent choices – even when used on rough terrain.  Hydro Ax equipment, which serves as a rotary mower behind the trimmers, is well suited for rough terrain.  Bucket trucks are used to maximize efficiency, increase productivity and maintain areas not suited for heavy equipment such as yards and housing developments.


NRS crews have extensive experience when it comes to assisting with disasters – man made or acts of God.  From damage caused by ice, wind, heavy rains, etc. NRS crews are armed with expertise in emergency tree clearing, repair and construction.


Excellent quality, excellent service, excellent value.  That’s Northeast Rural Services.


For more information about NRS ROW, please go to our website at or call 1-800-256-6405 ext. 9303.



Through BOLT Fiber Optic Services, NRS began construction of a fiber optic network in early 2014. Deployment along this network follows a three-phase approach, connecting homes and businesses in a four-county area. Available services include Internet connectivity at up to 1 gigabit (1,000 megabits), as well as high definition television and video services. Additionally, Voice over Internet Protocal (VoIP) telephone services, and security and smart home options are available


BOLT offers customers an opportunity to subscribe to a “triple play” bundle of broadband services that includes data, video and VoIP. Data (Internet) connectivity packages will be available up to 1 gigabit. Video (television) packages will include local channels as well as most all of the other great channels customers are currently accustomed to receiving. VoIP packages will include local and unlimited calling choices.


If you are interested in any of the services offered by BOLT Fiber Optic Services or would like more information, call and speak with a customer service representative at 1-844-256-BOLT (2658), e-mail,or visit

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