Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative Serving Rural Oklahoma


Fees and Charges

Temporary Disconnects:

When a meter is disconnected and the consumer for whom it was disconnected has it reconnected within twelve (12) months of the time it was disconnected, it shall be termed a “temporary disconnect”. A service charge consisting of a reconnect fee ($50.00) shall be paid to the Cooperative prior to reconnection. The applicable minimum bill for that class of service for those months the service is disconnected shall also be paid to the cooperative at the time the consumer requests that the meter be reconnected.


Delinquent Bills:

The Cooperative may impose a trip charge of $50.00 for each disconnect and reconnect trip to the consumer’s premises. Additionally, any account disconnected for delinquent payment will be required to pay a deposit.


Any consumer will be charged $20.00 for payment by check returned to the Cooperative by reason of insufficient funds.


Same Day Reconnect:

Connection or reconnection of service, as described below, may result in one of the following trip fees:


  • a. Same day connection or reconnection of a delinquent account may result in a trip fee of $50.00 provided that the consumer has contacted the Cooperative before 3:00 p.m. on normal business days and, if delinquent, has entered into payment arrangements, satisfactory to the Cooperative, for the amount owing.
  • b. If the consumer does not make arrangements with the Cooperative before 3:00 p.m. on normal business days and desires same day connection or reconnection, the Cooperative may impose a trip fee of $115.00
  • c. Same day reconnection or connection trips made on non-business days at the request of the consumer, may result in a $125.00 trip fee.


Meter Test:

A charge not exceeding $35 may be required from the consumer for such meter test if it tests within accuracy limits prescribed by the Commission.


False Outage Reports:

If a member reports a false outage, the Cooperative may impose a trip charge ($125.00).



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