Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative Serving Rural Oklahoma


Disconnect Service

Transferring or Disconnect of Electric Service:

To transfer or disconnect electric service, please visit one of our offices in Vinita or Grove or call our Member Service Department at 1-800-256-6405.


Transferring Electrical Service:

To transfer electric service within the Cooperative’s service area, please have the following information available:


Old Service address  (meter number)

Old Mailing address   (meter number)

New Service address

New Mailing address

Phone number

Account number

Home and work phone numbers

E-mail address (if applicable)


Disconnect Electric Service

To disconnect electric service with the Cooperative, please have the following information available:


Old Mailing address

New Mailing address

Home, work and cell phone number

Account and pole number of all locations to be disconnected

Indicate if security light to be disconnected


Temporary Disconnect:

When a meter is disconnected and the consumer for whom it was disconnected has it reconnected within twelve (12) months of the time it was disconnected, it shall be termed a “temporary disconnect”.


A service charge consisting of a reconnect fee ($50) may be charged by the Cooperative prior to reconnection. The applicable minimum bill for that class of service for those months the service is disconnected shall also be paid to the cooperative at the time the consumer requests the meter be reconnected.


Note: Reconnect fees increase to $115 after 3:00 p.m. on business days and to $125 on weekends, holidays and other non-business days.


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