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Understanding your Bill

Your meter will be read each month, and the bill will arrive approximately one week after the meter is read.

The bill is based on energy usage (number of kilowatt hours), power cost adjustment charge (based on wholesale power costs), monthly service charge, any products or services you may have selected, and any applicable government taxes.


Electric bills are:


  • Due within 20 days of the billing date; and
  • Considered delinquent 20 days after the billing date.

Without prior agreement, a member's service may be disconnected if payment is not received. A delinquent notice will be mailed stating the disconnect date.

Please contact Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative prior to the due date of the bill if you are having difficulty paying your bill as required.


Definitions of Terms


  • Account Number:  This is your unique account number.
  • Amount Due:  This is the total amount due in U.S. dollars.
  • Avg. Daily Cost/Month:  This is the average electric cost per day.
  • Avg. Daily Usage:  This is the average amount of kilowatt hours used per day.
  • Balance Forward:  This is the dollar amount of any balance not paid from the previous monthly statement.
  • Board District:  This identifies the district in which the meter exists.
  • County Tax:  This is the amount for county tax on security lighting or surge protection.
  • Current Reading:  This is the ending date & the meter reading from this statement's reading.
  • Cycle#:  This is the billing cycle for which your meter is read and billed. Four bill cycles are billed each month.
  • Days Served:  This is the number of days from your previous month's meter reading to your current month's meter reading. 
  • Due Date:  This is the date the bill becomes delinquent which is 20 days after the mailing date.  Unpaid balances are subject to a 1.5% late fee.
  • Franchise Tax:  This is the amount for tax on applicable meters within city or town boundaries.  It allows for the cooperative to use city/town rights-of-way to install utility poles and wires. 
  • Location:  This is the pole number where your meter is located.  This helps to identify your exact location of electric service.
  • Mailing Date:  This is the date the bill was mailed via the United States Postal Service.
  • Meter:  This is the serial number of your meter.
  • Oklahoma State Sales Tax:  This is the amount for Oklahoma state tax on security lighting or surge protection.
  • Operation Round Up:  This is the amount your bill was rounded up for use in the Operation Round Up Program.
  • Payments:  This is the amount we received from you for the previous monthly statement.
  • Penalties:  The amount assessed on a past due amount at the rate of 1.5%.
  • Power Cost Adjustment:  This is your share of the cost to purchase the necessary power to meet your electric needs.
  • Previous Balance:  This is the balance shown on the previous monthly statement.
  • Previous Reading:  This is the starting date & the meter reading from the previous month's statement.
  • Rate:  Identifies the billing value that applies to the metered service.
  • Surge Protection Qty:  This is the amount for a surge protector.
  • Total This Service:  This is the gross amount for electric service used during this billing period forthe specific electric location noted.
  • Total Usage:  This is the amount of kilowatt hours used for the specific electric location noted.  Subtract the previous reading from the current reading to obtain this number. 
  • Total Usage (Multiplier):  This is the multiplier of your transformer.  The number depends on the size of the service you require.  This does not apply to most residential services.
  • 175 (or 400) Watt Qty:  This tells you the size in wattage, quantity and the amount charged for a security light. 


For further questions or information regarding your bill, please contact one of our Member Service Representatives at 1-800-256-6405.



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