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Few programs anywhere can boast the life-changing impact that REC’s Operation Round-Up has made upon the lives of people in northeast Oklahoma.

To date, participating cooperative members through Operation Round-Up have invested over $1 million back into their communities by simply allowing their monthly electric bills to be rounded-up to the nearest dollar.


The money generated from this participation has allowed needy individuals to cover outstanding hospital expenses or purchase medical supplies when insurance was depleted.

Emergency response agencies have been outfitted with equipment necessary to answer swiftly the call of duty.

Youth organizations, such as Boys and Girls Clubs and 4H, have received grants that have allowed them to buy recreational equipment and supplies for their activities.

The way it works is quite simple. If a member’s electric bill is $64.17 and the bill is rounded up to $65.00, then $0.83 would be allocated to the Operation Round-Up fund.


The average yearly donation to Operation Round-Up by a participating member is less than $6.

Operation Round-Up was established in July of 1998. A nine-member board of directors governs the Operation Round-Up Trust Fund Foundation. This board operates independent of the cooperative’s board. Trust Foundation board members meet every other month to evaluate applications and decide which organizations and individuals will receive funds.

Foundation by-laws prevent the board from giving funds for the purpose of paying an electric bill or for paying someone’s salary.

The Operation Round-Up program is a chance for Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative members to help make a difference in their communities for just a few cents each month.


See the applications page to print applications and learn deadline dates.


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